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This type of polygraph examination is a case-specific/ diagnostic polygraph examination aimed at identifying the deceptive and clearing the innocent party where losses have occurred through theft, fraud, damage to property, forged documents, leaking of information to competitors, the list is as inexhaustible as the imagination of the perpetrator to put your business out of pocket.

 This is a cost-effective investigative tool to give direction during an investigation and solving the crime/ misconduct.

This examination will also clear anyone wrongfully implicated in any incident.


Specific Polygraph Examination

With over 25% of job applications containing a lie about serious matters such as previous convictions, arrests, addictions, terminations, misrepresentation of qualifications/ experience and past employment your company could be exposing itself to unnecessary risk this is the type of polygraph examination to identify dishonest applicants.

When appointing persons into critical positions where high losses can occur in a flash and you obviously want a candidate of impeccable honesty and integrity, polygraph provides the answer.

When selecting the best candidate for promotion/transfer it is advisable to not only consider performance but honesty and integrity as well.

Pre-Employment polygraph  examination 

Once employed Periodic polygraph examinations are conducted at regular intervals to ensure that employees have not committed any uncovered crime and other activities that could have impacted negatively on your bottom line or have embarked on actions that could put your company at risk. This is an excellent tool in preventative loss control and gauging loyalty.

periodic/ screening polygraph examination

“Chris operates to extremely high levels of professionalism and personal discipline in all areas of work."
"He is meticulous to the final degree in his organisation, examinations and post-examination debriefs, at the same time having sufficient flexibility to adjust his program and plans to meet the needs of an ever-expanding international airport." Andy Edge, Project manager for Near East Security Services – Al Najaf Alashraf International Airport – Iraq